Sound On
This district represents both progression and regression. Work is created for the machine, quality of life for the majority of the city's inhabitants is relegated to accommodate the comfort of the job creators, whose homes and businesses litter the horizon of this endless, growing sprawl of overpopulated favelas.
Alternate Surreality
Product, that which grants the port it's place at the foot of the metropolis, goes hand in hand with consumerism. The latter is responsible for culture's relegation from necessity to witchcraft. Distant howls of forgotten architecture flood the streets of this no man's land, punctuated by an aura of the supernatural.
Where past civilisations thrived, future civilisations shall too. This city is built around it's port, the area within which all goods come and go. Stoicism shrouds the remaining human inhabitants of the dockland and envelopes rusted machinery built with only function in mind.
Arcane's Lullaby
The sentiments of a future are but an echo: this space serves as a platform and a neighbour, an area to focus on inner thoughts and to observe the intricacies, failures and unfulfilled promises of a distant dystopia.
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what is 2050?

we are a very small team of concept artists, digital creatives and experimental music freaks. we thought music and artists needed a space where they are presented in a different way, far from hypermassmedia fastfood like music consume behaviours.
we want to build an entire world full of stories, adventures and excellent experimental music.
with each release the project 2050, its city and districts is going to expand. and so is the music and the storyline.

this is just a really raw beta version of the project so far. we'd like to hear your opinion here: